Wedding Party

The Boys….

Jeremy Caveness - Best Man

Jeremy is my true "brother from another mother". We met over 20 years ago as lowly boxboys at the local Food Basket grocery store. We became inseperable over the years, living and socializing together and surfing as much as we possibly could. Jeremy is a selfless man who is a true saint, and I'm proud to call him my best friend.


Robert Yeip - Groomsmen

My brother Robert is an old soul with a heart of gold. Growing up with a single mother who worked full time to make ends meet, he was my protector, mentor and partner in crime.


Bob Craig - Groomsmen

"Bobby Boy" will always tell you like it is and is definetely not the shy type. Tough on the outside, but a true softie underneath, Bob has been a great friend of mine over the years. We first "met" back in 1992 while Jeremy and I were watching a Charger game at our house. We'd hear someone lighting off M-80's whenever the bolts would score a touchdown. It way Bob's way of saying "welcome to the neighborhood!"


Mike Pisco - Groomsmen

Lauren's little brother (who is not so little!) is quite the man now. A former star lacrosse player at Cornell, he is married to the beautiful Kat, who is also in the wedding party. Mike and Kat live in Chicago, where he has recently taken up running.


Jay Pisco - Groomsmen

Lauren's older brother, Jay is quite the entrepreneur, managing a very popular pizza restaurant in College Station Texas where there's over 50 different types on the menu. He loves to play hockey and play pool.


The Girls...

Annie Pisco - Maid of Honor

My one and only sister, Annie recently graduated college and quickly landed a full time job outside of Boston.  My little sis is all grown up, but she’ll always be ‘Toots’ to the fam.


Becca Arnold - Maid of Honor (soon to be Matron of Honor)

Becca and I met in 8th grade and have been friends ever since. We played soccer together through high school and have stayed close over the years.  Becca is getting married to her high school sweetheart two weeks before us!  Congrats Becs!


Kathryn Pisco – Bridesmaid

We welcomed Kat into the family last year when she married my brother Mike in May of 2010.  Kat works in medical sales and lives with my brother in Chicago.  I am honored to call her my sister-in-law…and best of luck with the last name!


Amber Lopez – Bridesmaid

Amber was my first friend in San Diego and my first friend at Competitor Group.  She was my wingman when I first started dating Johnny – thanks Amber!  Watch out for her on the dance floor, she’s got moves!


Shannon Davis – Bridesmaid

Shannon also works with us at Competitor Group, but is better known as my ‘workout buddy’.  Whether it is going for a run down the beach, a bike ride up the coast, or training for a Half Ironman (sorry Shan), Shannon is always my partner in crime!


Kelly Duffy – Bridesmaid

I’ve known Kelly since the beginning.  We grew up playing soccer together in grade school.  We went to college together, went abroad to Australia at the same time, and even both moved to San Diego.  Kelly now lives back in Boston and was recently married in the fall of 2010.


Bella Diaz – Flower Girl

We are the proud godparents of Bella, the daughter of our close friends, Lucy and Robert Diaz.  She’ll be about a year and a half at the time of our wedding, we’re hoping she can make it down the aisle!  Even if she doesn’t, she’s the cutest little kid ever!!  Just look at that face!